Vale – Neil Sharpe

Friday June 10, 2011:

Today I attended the funeral of the late Neil John Sharpe, a former president of the Capital Country Music Association amongst other things. Although I did not know Neil personally, I did know that he was well liked and respected by all the people that I spoke to about his passing.

The service was a solemn affair with the Eulogy by Peter Vickers and Allison Maher very stirring, resonating and full of the many facets of Neil's life. I quickly came to realise the wonderfully productive man Neil was. He had obviously produced a great love within his family that was evident from those attending.

His music, art, poetry, community spirit, and teaching were just a few of the facets of this man that I came to learn about in a short time.

There was a warmth and sadness outside as people gathered after the service, but I did feel that there was also an underlying sense of happiness. These people are proud and rich with memories. I left inspired by his legacy. I foresee a tribute in the future.

On behalf of the CCMA, I wish to extend my condolences to the family and friends of Neil Sharpe at this most sad time.


Steve Newton
President of
The Capital Country Music Association   


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